Welcome to Our School

Our Vision

In our school we have four core principles that govern everything we do, and every decision we make, always underpinned by the Christian values of truth, justice, forgiveness, generosity and respect. This document explains our core principles and lets you know what you can expect from our school. These values and principles influence our curriculum, our relationships and our provisions and you will be able to recognise these influences when you speak to us or come into school.

Reception Class

Miss Tomlin and Miss King. 

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Year 3 and 4

Mrs Brown, Mr Smith and Mr Espin.  

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Years 1 and 2

Mrs Brooman, Mrs Winfield, Miss Buckman and Miss Christian. 

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Years 5 and 6

Mrs Rhodes and Mr Ind. 

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Teaching Assistants
Admin Staff

Meet Our Staff

Here are just some of our staff, Please follow the link to meet them all
Louise Cranidge
Head Teacher
Carolyn Williams
Business Manager
Gillain FIelds
Gillian Fields
Pastoral Officer
Charlotte Naylor
Admin Team