Welcome to our school. The relationship that we have with you – the parents and carers of our pupils – is extremely important to us because it’s only by us working together as a team that your children can achieve their social and educational potential and become good citizens, leading happy and rewarding lives when they leave us. We understand that, as parents and carers, nothing is more important to you than ensuring that your children have the best chance in life so that you can be proud of them. That’s why keeping your children safe and continually stimulated to learn is our top priority. We all want to be proud of your children.

A school is an important part of a community and here at St Peter and St Paul CE Primary School, our aim is to be at the very heart of your community. A great school is one where everybody associated with it works together as an effective team with the aim of helping your children achieve their academic and social potential so that they can have better tomorrows and turn their ambitions and dreams into realities. You will often see members of the school team in the playground in the mornings and around the school at the end of the day. Everyone is welcome to Community Worship on a Monday morning at 9am and to Family Friday coffee mornings on the first Friday of the month at 9am.  If you happen to notice us and would like a quick word or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to do so. We are all here not just for the children but for you as well. When it comes to doing the best for your children we know that you will be there for us and this means a great deal to all our staff. We all very much look forward to working with you. A very warm welcome to St Peter and St Paul CE Primary School.


Best wishes

Mrs Louise Cranidge