Patron of Reading

What is the Patron of reading Scheme?

A Patron of Reading is a school’s special children’s author, poet, storyteller or illustrator. The school and their patron develop a relationship over a period of time. Everything the patron does is related to helping encourage and develop a reading for pleasure culture in the school: book quizzes, blogs, book recommendations, discussions, plays, poetry bashes, blogs, book trailers and visits. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Why did we choose a story teller?

We wanted our children to become more confident at story telling and this would help our children to read books with more energy and enthusiasm. We want to give our children ideas and inspiration of how to tell stories. We have chosen to have 2 years with a story teller then change to a writer or poet and keep getting involved with different ‘Patrons’ in the future to give our children access a wealth of different inspiration literary specialists.

Who is Alec Williams?

Alec Williams is a trainer, speaker and storyteller with a mission to get more children reading! With a background in children’s books, libraries and literacy, Alec travels all over the UK and overseas, enthusing audiences with stories and poetry, giving training and talks, presenting and compering events, and providing advice and consultancy.

Alec’s first visit.

Alec’s first visit was on 20th September 2017 to plan this exciting venture. He met with  Mrs Cranidge and Mrs Winfield to discuss some of the ways in which his two-year appointment could help the school encourage children to enjoy stories and poems, and to read for pleasure. Then he gave a taster session to Y3 which they loved – he was very funny and kept them captivated by his storytelling.

Alec’s second visit.

His second visit was on 2nd November 2017, when he told stories and shared poems with groups from Reception up to Year 6, including four bonfire night poems that he wrote himself, to give children ideas for their own writing!  At the end of the school day, Alec gave an informal talk to parents.

Newsletter 5th November 2018 (click to read)